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The headline act for Chopped, Amyl and the Sniffers, is presented by ALWAYS LIVE, a new state-wide celebration of contemporary live music supported by the Victorian Government through Visit Victoria. Formed in a Melbourne share house in 2016 and renowned for ball-tearing live shows, Amyl and the Sniffers, are Amy Taylor (vocals), Dec Martens (guitar), Gus Romer (bass) and Bryce Wilson (drums). With early influences from Australian rock to rap to 70s punk, The Sniffers have created a sound that is their own — short, fast, loud and funny. Their self-titled debut album took the ARIA Award for Best Rock Album in 2019 and included the singles Some Mutts (Can’t Be Muzzled), Got You and Monsoon Rock. A major gear shift, with their latest album Comfort to Me released late 2021 showcases a band that has emerged from the pandemic chrysalis louder, tighter and tougher than before. Meet with overwhelming critical acclaim the album has been smashing the charts worldwide and paved the way for wild world tour!


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Andy Golledge is a livewire and a gentle soul, trapped in a 70s tuna fisherman’s body. He looks like your old man back in the day, sounds like Neil Young, with the energy of Springsteen, and a vulnerability all his own.


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Children of Finland Fighting in Norway (C.O.F.F.I.N) are a 5 piece band hailing from the Northern Beaches of Sydney Australia, featuring 3 Guitarists and the lead vocalist on drums. Forming in 2005 as schoolmates influenced by a huge love for music, skateboarding and a good-times-all-the-time attitude. Over the years they have developed their own sound, combining Australian Pub Rock, Punk and Thrash.



Grindhouse, thats four sexually misguided punk rock outlaws on a mission to deliver low down, cheap seats dirty garage rock action at all costs. They're hard, they're dumb, they're fast, but are you ready for their nasty as cat shit punk rock action?



Heavy Half Band // Twin Cylinder Collaborative Riff Machine // Geelong



Parsnip an all-female four-piece are an alt-pop group from Melbourne their punchy sound borrows both from the punk and the psychedelic, balancing overdriven guitars with sweet-sounding organs.

Nick Nuisance
& The delinquents


We are four spicy mates from Petersham playing loud guitar music for the kids. Don't worry about getting one of your emotional chords caught in the crossfire here, we're just having a time.



Australian punks Last Quokka combine acerbic, socially conscious lyrics, heavy rhythms and catchy guitar riffs to create poignant, dance-inducing punk music. Described as a 'more aggressive Eddy Current Suppression Ring' the band have been honing their high energy, anarchic performance over the last five years.



Blend of nu-punk and classic 90s grunge sounds // Their live set described as “fearsome, where everything is inside out, an impossible puzzle of things that don’t make sense but just do. It’s like enjoying getting a hammer to the back of the head. What utter fun.” DOWNGIRL has already made a fierce impact. And they’re just warming up.

garlic nun


Garlic Nun // 4 piece punk rock band from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The band formed around 2018 // known each other for fucking years // made a bunch of money // spent all that money and got a couple bags of Sydney bikie cocaine and snorted it off our hostel communal bible.



Voodoo Soul // Alt Country Rock N' Roll // Blues grooves washed down with a shot voodoo rock and roll, Sydney’s Papa Pilko & The Bin Rats are something of a throwback to the good old days of 80’s pub rock. Wowing crowds with performances containing more swagger than anything that’s come out of anywhere over the last decade, they’ve earned a reputation as a swashbuckling live force.



If you ain’t been listening, SMOOCH are a hard rockin’ glam band takin’ notes from The Runaways, Kiss and anyone else worth a damn. Assembled from other Melbourne groups (Drunk Mums, Dumb Punts, Mesa Cosa, Meat) the band formed as they all moved into the same house. SMOOCH HQ. The new home of rock.

Levitating Churches


Levitating Churches have been kicking around dive bars in melbourne since late 2011 and play their own brand of pre-apocalyptic, high energy electric rock-n-roll and draw inspiration from not only Roky but bands such as Dead Moon, The Coloured Balls and Black Sabbath.



Battlesnake, a once mighty beast now lost to the annals of history. Holy texts speak of a serpent with steel scales and petrol venom, a noxious syntheses of amphetamine and gasoline. Legend has it that atop the highest, mistiest peak, the creature was summoned once again by uniting 7 blades from the 7 corners of the earth. Swords touched, lightning cracked and a chasm formed, from which the colossal Battlesnake ruptured forth. The 7 swords developed humanoid features with individual personalities and were granted unnatural long life, dashing good looks and unholy ability. Mortals tremble.

All hail Battlesnake.



Blonde Revolver is a a six-piece punk outfit from Melbourne. The group that started as a side project 'Blondie cover band' with members of other bands like Future Suck and Gutter Girls. Made up of members from Future Suck, Carpet Burn, Body Maintenance. BR are locked and loaded with big riffs and driving synth lines guaranteed to make you sweat.



Canberra’s Sketch Method have been a fixture of the Australian punk scene for a number of years, touring extensively on the back of a string of singles, a full-length album. They punch it out with break-neck speed and lyrical precision.

Split System

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Melbourne-based Split System features a star-studded lineup of Jackson Reid Briggs (Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters) on vocals, Arron Mawson (Stiff Richards) on guitar, Ryan Webb (Speed Week) on guitar, Deon Slaviero (The Black Heart Death Cult) on bass, and Mitch McGregor (No Zu) on drums // Nuff said, whole bag of goodness there!!



Hot Tubs Time Machine. It’s a delightful bare-bones jaunt of minimal bass, 808 beats, layers of synth, bright guitar and percussion, soundtrack-ing Marcus’ engaging, humorous and very relatable stories taken from his daily, that give us an insight into his world.



These guys and some other guys all making music. Sometimes a duck, sometimes not with a

duck, always without any merch to sell. Dharawal / Illawarra Region of NSW.



Brunswick Boys landing an assortment of Punk / Garage melodies // What more do you want, falming skateboards?



In Transit are a new force in Melbourne’s heaving alt-rock scene with “an absurd collection of pedals” and a determination to make music with lyrical depth and a notable textural thumbprint.

Prayer Group

Preachers of human sacrifice and the primal coital urge.


Country / Blues filth just the way you like it.


Central Vic flowers of death.