The Festival

So what makes Chopped appeal to the masses, well it could be the three days of non-stop hot rod dirt drag action, or the infamous Tiki Cocktail Bar or the giant "Tiki God of Hot Rod" who blows his stack to let everyone know whose boss. Perhaps it’s the Moonshine Bar, or the ever popular Chopped Main Stage where a variety of twenty-five Blues, Country, Hillbilly, Rockabilly and Rock bands play all weekend. 

We just think its the atmosphere of thousands of people having the best time of their life on that long weekend of the year when the frost of winter has broken, and the smell of summer fun is in the air. Such is life, Such is Chopped.


Read on to find out more about what happens, who will be there and what to expect.

Chopped 2016

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The Attractions
The Drag Strip

There are not many events with an open Dirt Drag strip, now a staple attraction, which provides a great opportunity for drivers and riders alike to go head-to-head with their friends in a safe and controlled environment off the main roads. The Chopped Drag Strip has had numerous iterations over the years, but in its current format we have an 80m track that runs right along in front of the main event arena, providing non-stop entertainment for all the punters who can watch all the classic rods, bikes, gassers, and dragsters, tear up the dirt. Its an awesome spectacle, that is unique and synonymous to Chopped! 

The Show and Shine

From its very beginnings on the footy oval in Newstead, Chopped has had a great tradition of sticking to the rules for entrants to provide a fantastic and unique collection of Pre-65 styled hot-rods, customs, and motorcylces. All lined up in the Show and Shine arena, with a backdrop across the Newstead plateau, and at night lit up by a string of festoon lights, the Show and Shine is a sight to be seen and admired. Many hours and dollars spent by the ladies and guys who built these fantastic vehicles for us all to appreciate.

The Music
Chopped Main Stage

Music has always been a main attraction of Chopped, and over the years we've had some amazing line ups, and Chopped 2016 is set to be even bigger and better. The main stage is where the action is at with 25+ bands running from Friday morning all the way through to Sunday afternoon.  With an awesome mix of rockabiliy, country, blues, and rock. There is sure to be entertainment and dancing and partying all weekend. Head on over to the music page for full details of the bands that are playing this year. 

Wolfman's One Man Band Truck

From the wee early hours to late in the afternoon, the Wolfman's One Man Band Truck snakes its its way slowly throughout the festival, playing songs of horror, shock, love, happiness and sorrow to the unsuspecting festival goers. Those who dare wander into his path, cannot help but be sucked into the delight that can only be described as a party on wheels.

The Bars

There are two main bars at Chopped which cater to the most discerning of drinkers. Whether you are just after a cold frosty froth, a bourbon, a gin or a vodka, or perhaps you are ready to get your happy drink on with a cocktail of delight, we'll be sure to whet your whistle.

The infamous "Tiki Palace"

Take a sip from a Chopped signature cocktail, or frothy whilst gazing at sand, palm trees and an 80m drag strip! The Tiki Palace is an island oasis in the middle of a country town!

The "Ole Smoky Moonshine Cabin"

Pull up a log, stretch out your legs and take a swig from a jar of Moonshine. This bar is for those ladies and gents who don't mind running foul of the law (figuratively speaking of course).